At the VMS-Print printing complex (Podolsk), Apostrof has put into operation two Rutherford IntelliPack feedback complexes based on X-Rite IntelliTrax2 automated spectrophotometers and the X-Rite InkFormulation ink formulation system. The complexes are installed in the most complete set: with a self-learning system for preliminary adjustment of inking devices; a feedback system with unique algorithms and a system for individual adjustment and control of each ink zone.

Mirkamol Mirzamakhmudov, CEO, VMS-Print - Russia

Westrock’s MPS is a global packaging company (10,000 employees; more than 65 facilities) that supplies some of the world’s best-known brands.Our Mexican plant in Aguascalientes handles very demanding customers. So we wanted the most accurate solution for color consistency and accuracy based on IntelliTrax’s measurement devices from X-Rite. By adding Rutherford’s solution, our teams have pushed their capabilities to the next level. Easy and fast to use, less waste of paper and time, better accuracy, and consistency job after job. It is worth it.

Jesus Ingelmo, plant manager, Westrock Aguascalientes - Mexico

« Sebastian Wolf is specialized in premium packaging (labels and sophisticated packaging) for 1 century. For sure, SebWolf is dedicated to quality and efficiency. In the past, we were using density but it only told us how light or dark color was. We needed to measure hue and saturation, so we had to invest in new technologies to push our tools to their limits. Adding X-Rite, MeasureColor Software, and Rutherford Graphic Products, LLC on our presses was a good upgrade to identify and optimize the deltaE. »

Nicoletta Compagni, President, Seb. Wolf GmbH - Germany

« I’ve seen our pressman complete 80 plate changes in a day, all because of IntelliLoop. Whether it’s short runs or long runs, there’s no more guesswork getting up to color.

By presetting ink keys with IntelliSet, we reduced make-ready by 66%.We gave the pressman a load of plates and the press was up to color in less than ten minutes. »

Lynwood Napier, President, T&N Printing - USA

Shenzhen Yuto Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd. a leading company in China’s packaging industry, is one of the earliest packaging enterprises to have achieved operating scale in excess of 10 billion yuan. During the past several years the company has been on an aggressive internationalization path, establishing more than 20 branch companies domestically and in Southeast Asia, Americas and Europe. In 2019 the company introduced Rutherford’s closed-loop system and successfully deployed it within the group. Hitherto, nine sets of such closed-loop system are being used by the Group internally. Yuto Group is not contended to be an industry leader; it wants to be a pioneer and innovator in the printing industry. Given that color closed-loop control system looks set to be an essential trend for future automation control, Rutherford’s color closed-loop control system will provide all necessary support for automatic production and improvement of efficiency.

 Liang Yongjun, Group Technology Director, Shenzhen Yuto Packaging Technology Co., Ltd China

« We wanted to move from density to spectral measurements for color management and to automate ink key settings to reduce makeready time and waste as well as to improve color consistency throughout the run. This combined solution has exceeded our expectations, reducing makeready waste by 60% and enabling us to reduce the cross-over point between offset and digital. »

John Hearn, Operations Director, Phillips Printing, Nashville, USA

Dongguan Yinxin is a printing company that possesses vast color printing quality control experience and highly-automated printing equipment. Ever since it introduced X-Rite’s Intellitrax2 automated scanning and Rutherford closed-loop system, precise pre-release ink and highly-efficient smart closed-loop system in conjunction with Heidelberg’s highly automated printing equipment under model number XL16-8-P 18K, the company has successfully showcased its multicolor CMYKOGV spot-free printing solution. It allows the company to complete comprehensive color measurement within 10 seconds, thereby significantly improving its production efficiency and winning customers’ trust. Now it seems that the company cannot live without it…

Mo Junbiao, General Manager (Owner), Dongguan Yinxin - China

«The optimization of the CIP3 reduces paper losses by more than 40% and the X-Rite IntelliTrax + RUTHERFORD measuring device in closed loop is very efficient and responsive compared to what we had before. We have increased the number of jobs per day on this press and therefore our competitiveness. »

 David Seguin, Production manager, Les Deux Ponts - France

«Thanks to your amazing team for the great work and efficiency, the workers are amazed about how fast it’s going now, The IntelliTrax investment  with the IntelliPress2 & the CP2 card from Rutherford for our Heidelberg Speed-Master CD102 allowed us to drastically reduce the setting time as well as the number of sheets required. This also guarantees the ink rate during the whole job and provides our customers with a guarantee that the 1st and last brochures will have the same colors.»

David Hache, CEO, G.S Communication - Monaco

Westrock’s MPS is a global packaging company (10,000 employees; more than 65 facilities) that supplies some of the world’s best known brands. Consistent print quality and accuracy are key qualities for the business. When we saw Rutherford’s solution, we thought that it could offer significant benefits if it was retrofitted to some of our older generation machines.  We can satisfy all G7 or PSO requirements and prove it with the report option. We've enjoyed time-savings as well as the benefits of less waste paper with an improved consistency job after job.

Simon Tokelove VP Asset Management, MPS Westrock

To offer the best service to our clients, Printwell needs to master multiple processes from pre-press to the pressroom. That is why it has been so important for us to standardize our tools. We decided to become qualified as an Idealliance G7 Master Facility and invested in X-Rite and Rutherford's preset and closed-loop solutions. With this integrated workflow, we reached the best level of efficiency, lowered costs, and enhanced quality across the supply chain. That is great synergies for us and our clients. 

Shawn Borg, President, Printwell - USA

About Us

Offset is a complex activity: lack of experienced operators, complex technologies and tools, multiple workflows and players, picky customers who don’t know our business, strong competition, pressure on quality, prices, and deadlines ...

Rutherford took up the challenge. We assembled a cross-functional team from the printing world and developed a solution to satisfy all partners with this objectives in mind: efficiency (technically and economically), simplicity (intuitive and automatic) and precision (objective and adaptive)

This was 20 years ago. Since then, Rutherford has driven innovation to fit the evolution of the printing industry and to increase its efficiency, simplicity, and accuracy.

Our mission:

1. To simplify the press operator’s tasks and make them more precise, using automation and precision ink-key management. 

2. To enfance quality for the buyer of print by providing print stability and repeatability.

3. To increase production, profitability, competitiveness, taking advantage of advanced presetting and closed-looping.

4. To reduce printer’s carbon footprint: more precision means less waste and less ink and energy usage

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