What's about Extended Gamut?

The biggest benefit of printing with the CMYK process is that the inks on the press units are fixed and don’t need to be changed between the jobs but in a typical print environment, we can achieve only about 55% of the PMS spot colors ( with a barely noticeable visual difference ) using only CMYK. 

With the Extended Gamut process, we can  reach more than 90% of the PMS spot colors.

Most Packaging printers are equipped with 5, 6 or 7 color printing machines and nearly 80% of the jobs use additional spot colors. Hence implementing extended gamut will

  • Reduce inventory of spot color inks
  • Fewer wash-ups on press
  • Increased productivity with reduced downtime between jobs
  • Enable ganging of jobs on press
  • Achieve brand color matching across printing technologies

What's about Extended Gamut?

Adding extra colors 🌈 “between” Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and 🧡Orange or ❤️Red ink, a 💚Green ink, and a Blue or Violet ink reduces the need for custom spot colors and expands the gamut to increase the percentage of achievable Pantone colors up to 90%

The Advantages Being

No wash-up between jobs since ink colors don’t need to be changed, resulting in faster change-overs and reduced makeready time and waste.Faster throughput due to the ability to combine multiple jobs (with different spot colors) in the same run. Minimizing or eliminating the need for spot color inks, reducing ink costs and inventories while ensuring more consistent color across the supply chain. 

The Rutherford CIP3 Preset and Closed-Loop system stabilize the press for consistency throughout production.

To implement Extended Gamut:

Software for color management and channel separation (Esko Equinox or GMG Color Opencolor ).

Making Sure your Press is Stable. (dot gain should be stable and under control) 

Using Rutherford's system & X-Rite Exact, X-Rite Colorcert, Intellitrax2 we can ensure that the print is consistent and repeatable.

Shajith Ambalathody

Solution Architect EMEA & Asia at Rutherford.

LEFRANCQ PACKAGING is using Rutherford & Esko Equinox to manage Extended Gamut on their press

« It’s easier, brighter, to compare with

classic colors (CMYK), it’s way sharper »

          Cyrille Grosbois - Offset machinist

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About Us

Offset is a complex activity: lack of experienced operators, complex technologies and tools, multiple workflows and players, picky customers who don’t know our business, strong competition, pressure on quality, prices, and deadlines ...

Rutherford took up the challenge. We assembled a cross-functional team from the printing world and developed a solution to satisfy all partners with this objectives in mind: efficiency (technically and economically), simplicity (intuitive and automatic) and precision (objective and adaptive)

This was 20 years ago. Since then, Rutherford has driven innovation to fit the evolution of the printing industry and to increase its efficiency, simplicity, and accuracy.

Our mission:

1. To simplify the press operator’s tasks and make them more precise, using automation and precision ink-key management. 

2. To enfance quality for the buyer of print by providing print stability and repeatability.

3. To increase production, profitability, competitiveness, taking advantage of advanced presetting and closed-looping.

4. To reduce printer’s carbon footprint: more precision means less waste and less ink and energy usage