MeasureColor NEW VERSION 21.1 👩🏼‍💻✌🏼

Connectivity to GMG Color, ColorCert from X-Rite and Optimized for the latest version of IntelliSet v.2.17 and IntelliLoop v.1.20 from Rutherford IntelliPack. 🙌🏼


Added support for opacity measurement transmission to ColorCert Scorecard Server.

License management shows 'last updated' information.

Various performance improvements when recalculating/updating job scores.


MeasureColor Exchange (MCX): streamline color communication between brand owners, premedia and print suppliers.

New subscription based 'MeasureColor QA' license level

GMG OpenColor connection: Import GMG Color targets directly from OpenColor.

Integration improvements to BST eltromat iPQ Spectral to automatically handle new color bar definitions.

New UI for Reference Management module allowing more easy management of printing conditions and color targets.

Send print quality information to external MeasureColor Reports server with ease.

Added an option to UserProfiles to disable certain X-Rite Intellitrax2 options for press operators.

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