due to Covid-19

By Fabrice Doreau


2x to 4x

Paper cost increase


the pressure on your substrate: less waste, less paper, lower costs

the global paper market has been under pressure since the Covid19 crisis. Indeed, fewer trees are being cut down, paper mills are closing, and paper production is decreasing. The prices of substrates and the shipping costs are increasing (from 2 to 4 times more expensive). In our industry, the cost of paper is 30 to 60% of the total price. Further, we need to anticipate the procurement of substrate (delivery times are 2 to 4 times longer). The situation will persist like this until the end of 2022. Who is going to pay for this?

The good news is that by optimizing your preset settings and closed-loop system, you can partially solve this problem. But is your preset and closed-loop system doing well enough? The tricky part is to individualize the ink-key curves for better color accuracy. Today, you have a general pattern of curves for all ink keys. So you need to compensate for it manually (play the piano on the console). By upgrading to Rutherford’s systems, you get specially fitted curves for each ink zone. They are automatically updated job after job. Your accuracy is higher and stays good over time for each ink zone.

-30% to -60%

Paper waste with Rutherford.


Reduce your make-ready waste: by using an up-to-date and well fitted preset (30 to 60% less than before)

Standardize and automize your processes and tools: it makes your process faster, and easier. It diminishes mistakes

Increase your quality with the proper closed-loop: quality is the way to reduce the job refusal by the client, less waste during production (15% less than before)

Some of our printers decreased their total consumption of substrate by 10%. Rutherford, X-Rite, and all of our partners can assist you in finding the right solution for you. Remember, you don’t need to change your press. You just need to get the right preset and closed-loop tools. We have your solution.

About Us

Offset is a complex activity: lack of experienced operators, complex technologies and tools, multiple workflows and players, picky customers who don’t know our business, strong competition, pressure on quality, prices, and deadlines ...

Rutherford took up the challenge. We assembled a cross-functional team from the printing world and developed a solution to satisfy all partners with this objectives in mind: efficiency (technically and economically), simplicity (intuitive and automatic) and precision (objective and adaptive)

This was 20 years ago. Since then, Rutherford has driven innovation to fit the evolution of the printing industry and to increase its efficiency, simplicity, and accuracy.

Our mission:

1. To simplify the press operator’s tasks and make them more precise, using automation and precision ink-key management. 

2. To enfance quality for the buyer of print by providing print stability and repeatability.

3. To increase production, profitability, competitiveness, taking advantage of advanced presetting and closed-looping.

4. To reduce printer’s carbon footprint: more precision means less waste and less ink and energy usage

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