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Case study

T&N Printing


T&N Printing takes all the guesswork out of color with IntelliLoop & IntelliTrax


T&N Printing enjoys working with designers, advertising agencies and PR firms – those meticulous clients who always want a press proof and top-end color and image quality. Tomorrow. Lynwood Napier, founder and thirty plus year’s owner said, “Without fail, upon seeing the Heidelberg results, they okay the job.” Lynwood says he wouldn’t have a Heidelberg press without the Rutherford Graphics Products Color Console and closed-loop system. With some amusement, he claims even he can operate it, “Which,” he said, “means

anyone can.” Lynwood Napier founded T&N Printing in 1982, in Charlottesville, VA. Today, with 18 employees, the shop occupies 10,000 sq. ft. of space and produces high quality work for particular print buyers. In addition to the Rutherford-equipped Heidelberg Speedster 52, it runs two Canon digital ImagePresses and a Konica press.


The shop utilizes Rutherford Graphic Products (RGP) IntelliLoop™ closed-loop, color-control system on a Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 sheetfed press. The IntelliLoop system depends on the fully automated spectrophotometer, IntelliTrax, from X-Rite. Taking color

data scanned by the IntelliTrax, the RGP system automatically adjusts ink keys on press to get color right, the first time, every time. It is this press equipped with the RGP system that makes particular clients ecstatic. Rutherford Graphic Products, a Dayton, OH company, is a leading developer of closed-loop, color-control systems that automatically assist commercial and offset print shops manage color on-press. The firm retrofits advanced, color-control systems to most brands of presses.

“By presetting ink keys with IntelliSet, we reduced make-ready by 66%. We gave the pressman a load of plates and the press was up to color in less than ten minutes.”

“I’ve seen our pressman complete 80 plate changes in a day, all because of IntelliLoop.

Whether it’s short runs or long runs, there’s no more guesswork getting up to color.”

Lynwood Napier, President,

T&N Printing

Rutherford engineers its color console and closed-loop system as a straightforward and uncomplicated system, one that ensures high print standards and profitable operations. For example, its IntelliLoop, a full-featured and user-friendly system, works in conjunction with XRite’s InteiilTrax color-management scanning system, which is automated for high-end, high-speed print operations. IntelliLoop also allows automatically loading of previous scan settings. For difficult jobs or unusual media, press operators can obtain further accuracy with X-Rite’s eXact™ Scan spectrophotometer – ExactLoop – that improves productivity by simplifying make-ready processes. It also allows you to print to GRACoL, G7 or ISO Standards with ease and confidence.


Lynwood, smiling again, said, “You’ll think I’m crazy,” “but we often run jobs of 250 to 500 tabloid-size images on the Heidelberg Speedster.” He explained that the Rutherford color console allows the Heidelberg to challenge the digital printer’s production time, but more importantly, he said, the Heidelberg print quality is much higher. The Rutherford color console allows quick and easy adjustments. It is user-friendly and engineered to reduce time, labor, and paper and ink costs and, further, it

assists in color management and improves color accuracy, which makes it an excellent companion for jobs requiring Heidelberg print quality. T&N specializes in short-run work. Before installing IntelliSet, which presets ink keys based on CIP3 data, production costs were high. Napier states that they cut 30 minutes of preparation time to ten. “We timed it,” he said. “We gave the pressman a load of plates and the press was running in ten minutes. RGP trained T&N Printing’s press operators on its system. A senior pressman said, “The Rutherford’s versatility and options are fantastic. I’ve worked with other systems that are nowhere as good as this.” Adding, “The Rutherford system has been running smoothly since day


T&N Printing opened its doors in 1982 under the ownership of Lynwood Napier. Years later, T&N has firmly established itself as a reputable printer, known particularly for outstanding customer service and the promise of guaranteed satisfaction. 205 12th Street NE Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA