Tomoyuki Taka , Senior Manager, Printing Division 🇯🇵


I believe that “Graphic Arts” does not just have an aspect of "original copy" implied by its literal meaning of "printing," but it has also aspiration to create artistic and creative printed work for our society.

Currently, we have 5 printing machines that has individual features. We installed IntelliPress2 to one of those machines at the end of 2019 and installed another one in June 2020. Although It has been only less than half a year since we installed the first one, it has a great reputation from operator and other people working with them.

I feel that the best feature of IntelliPress2 is its measurement speed which can easily adapt a high-speed printing machine. 

I also like the setting which has good consideration on today’s real printing process that works in both analog and digital world. The setting is not overly sensitive, which is realistic for the current printing industry.

The advantage of using this system is gaining the accumulated digital data on printing and the system’s high learning ability while dealing with analog materials such as paper and ink, and I think how to deal analog materials with digitalized process is also our company’s pursuit and theme for the future.

Thanks to Yamada Photo Process Ltd. for their trust! 🇯🇵🙌🏼

By choosing to replace twice their Heidelberg ImageControl with the bundle IntelliTrax2, eXact from X-Rite & Rutherford Graphic Products, LLC system for Closed-Loop and ink-key Management. 

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